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This site currently operates with affiliate sites. When clicking links within the site it may take you to a site that offers me (the web site owner) a commission in reference to helping them sell their product.

Cost Associated With an Affiliate Link

To you the “clicker” there is no essential cost associated with clicking the affiliate link over stumbling across the product yourself. The only cost to you is what you see at the time of your purchase.

Current Affiliates

  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Last updated 10/15/2019

Where Are The Links?

The links are mixed within the content as part of the content and are recommended as my opinion from experience and or use.

The recommended Gear page is where most links are.

My Opinions Worth?

My opinion is expressed hopefully as a friend recommends you items that they believe in, and suggest to you. The items I recommend may not be best for your use, and I recommend reading and looking over more material about the subject on this site or others sites before purchasing.

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