About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Will, and I have always aspired to know about the universe from an early age. I had received my first telescope as a gift when I was 12 years old.

I thought oh boy, awesome sauce, but I quickly became discouraged from the results. I tried again over the years with no improvement. I kept that telescope until I was 50, and never really used it for 25 years.

Why a Blog?

Then, recently I decided to try again, so I started this site as a learning tool. As I learn it, or experience it, basically a gunny pig to help others go through the process of buying and learning telescopes, and what’s out there. So they may save time, save money, and enjoy astronomy without getting discouraged for 25 years as I did.

I reveal what I use and or have tried and what I found to be the best for me. I am not the best writer, but hopefully the information comes across and can benefit most visitors.

More About Me

I was a technical guy in manufacturing, then went back to school later and got my degree in engineering from Penn State.

I currently own a couple of small businesses which can make it hard to find time to spend observing the night sky. However, I do plan to change things around and make the time available. My home location has street light pollution, so I need to travel, or use my work address to observe for the best results.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside, and hope you let me know how I am doing along the way.

Thank you,